Brent Ruhle

After working on a variety of projects ranging from the complete design and development of Social Networking websites, maintaining multi-billion dollar companies sites, to user centric designed landing pages I am proud of what I have accomplished in my field but I am always looking to advance myself and stay constantly up to date in the rapidly changing climate online. My work combines the worlds of web design & development, account services & Internet marketing research and technology. My knowledge extends primarily in HTML and its many flavors, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and PHP; As well as always trying to push myself to stay on top of the best in new technologies and web standards.


Update and maintain the main static pages housed within GEICO's vast web portfolio. Responsibilities include maintaining in-house developed Content Managememt System, as well as the design, development and implementation of unique customized pages. Programming skills required include PHP, Microsoft SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

GEICO Careers

Built from the ground up, this site is a fully featured and functional careers information site. The backend development is built to capitalize on not only efficiency, but security as well. Programming skills required include PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

Cannon Industries

Handled complete creation and design of site, has since been revised by current developer but maintains backend and structure developed during my stay with this great company. Programming skills required include Flash, ASP, MS Access, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Debt Solution Advisor

Handled form design, layout, and database queries. Main goal was to present the customer with an easy to fill out form that would allow users to be linked with the proper solutions based on selections made within the form. Programming skills required include PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Brent Ruhle

If you would like to talk with me personally about a project/opportunity, please reach out to me in any of the following ways.


14229 Grand Pre Rd, Apt 202, Silver Spring MD 20906



(585) 794-2217

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